About The Author

This middle-aged scribe with an imagination as boundless as his receding hairline thrives on weaving sci-fi sagas that blend adrenaline-pumping action, multi-dimensional characters, and nail-biting dilemmas. With a dash of humor, he concocts tales where the cosmos is the stage, laughter the weapon, and the toughest choices reveal our true humanity.

  • James: Absolutely phenomenal epic

    Some multi-volume stories peter out, or get repetitious in the middle. Not these stories. The characters keep getting deeper and more interesting and the build to the climax is as galaxy shaking as you would ever want. A great set. I recommend it highly.

  • Robert: So good!!!

    Great characters, plot lines and humor blended together in such a way that you feel you are in the action. Loved it!

  • Amanda: Fantastic Series

    I really enjoyed this series. The story was unique. The characters were very well developed. Lots of action. Space battles, ground battles, boarding actions, lots of intrigue, very well done. All loose ends were tied up with a satisfying ending for all the characters. I look forward to more stories from this author.