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Alpha Colony The Complete Series 9 Ebooks

Alpha Colony The Complete Series 9 Ebooks

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"Humankind's last hope: The Passage. Can we escape a ravenous alien threat and find salvation in the stars?"

Get the entire 9 Ebook Series by Bestelling science fiction author John Walker

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★★★★★ "Book one definitely has me hooked I can not wait to continue this series. So much action with tragedies, and victories. I can't wait to see what next adventure brings out in these characters"

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the complete saga of a riveting science fiction series. Witness humanity's desperate struggle for survival in a universe teeming with danger and intrigue. From the ashes of a fallen civilization consumed by a mindless alien race, mankind leaps towards hope with "The Passage," a gateway promising salvation through the stars. The series chronicles humanity's tumultuous settlement on a new world, confronting the relentless Cavers, forging fragile alliances, and facing the sinister Ghrell threat. Experience the epic battles, political machinations, and the relentless pursuit of a future in uncharted galaxies. Through the eyes of valiant explorers, defiant soldiers, and cunning leaders, this collection of nine volumes is a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the human spirit, standing as a beacon of hope against the darkest of cosmic dangers. The fate of humanity and the galaxy hangs in the balance, making this boxed set an unmissable odyssey for fans of deep space adventures and interstellar warfare.

Exodus - Alpha Colony Book 1

The End Has Arrived

The civilization of man has fallen. A mindless alien race has swept across the colonies, consuming structures and people along the way. As humanity stands on the brink of destruction, we have one hope to preserve what’s left of our culture and very lives. The Passage.

One of the greatest scientific achievements of humanity, a gateway that will hyper-accelerate our faster than light drives so we can cover an unimaginable distance. A new home waits beyond, one far from our aggressors. But can we escape the desolation of our old empire before it’s too late?

Contact - Alpha Colony Book 2

A strange signal beckons to the newly arrived humans. As they struggle to make a new home, they send the dreadnought Daedalus to investigate. They believe they are about to engage in first contact with an alien race. What they find may well endanger the colonization effort as well as the future of the human race.

Meanwhile, research teams and scouts scour the planet in an effort to ensure the safety of civilian workers. One such group uncovers a shocking discovery, one which might answer many questions about their new home. If they live to tell the tale.

Expansion - Alpha Colony Book 3

Humanity has established a foothold on their new home, but they’re far from settled. The Cavers continue to be a massive problem, their numbers seem endless regardless of how much firepower they throw at them. A discovery may hold the key to taking care of them once and for all, a secret to their heritage hidden somewhere on the planet. If it can be found.

The colony is not the only problem. Captain David Warwick’s ship has been assigned to negotiate with the newly discovered Bhalas race. They hope to establish an alliance, friendship in that distant part of the galaxy. But when another culture’s outpost falls under attack, the Daedalus makes a detour to help.

Their success or failure may establish a friendship with a powerful culture in the region. Or they could wind up with another enemy even more powerful than the raiding Ghrell.

Divided - Alpha Colony Book 4

Violence brings three factions together in an attempt to build an alliance. These cultures, intent on banding together against the Ghrell threat, meet in human space. But treachery is afoot and the crew of the Daedalus discover their good intentions may not be enough to stop those opposed to a unified front.

Meanwhile, the battle to secure the planet’s surface continues. The military prepares to take out a massive lair of their enemies. They’re drawing closer to the source, though even as they do, they find an even more dangerous enemy, one capable of better tactics and coordination. The violence escalates to the point where the military may have bitten off more than they can chew.

The crew of the Ulysses have crash landed far from home, cut off from their alliance and with little hope. Ghrell forces surround them and they’ve only got a short time before they’re discovered and killed. Resources are scarce, and an alien force rushes toward them, putting their survival on a short timer.

Ultimatum - Alpha Colony Book 5

Humanity stands on the brink of finally claiming their new world for themselves. A final push will see them through, but what lies beyond is anyone’s guess. As they pit their armies against the last desperate beasts holding their ground, it looks as if they may be the new masters of the world. Though it may cost them in blood.

But intrigues abound. Crime on the hub may be the start of a festering rot, something that could plague humanity’s fresh start before it even begins. Agents on either side push and pull, involving the highest echelons of their people in an effort to come out ahead. Which of these sides are together? Which will come out ahead? The answer will determine the course of life in that region of space.

And while all this goes on, the sinister Ghrell must be dealt with. Humanity commits two dreadnoughts to a fleet going after their enemies, a blow that should settle a score. With some major upgrades and plenty of allies, it seems like a sure thing. Yet if they have learned anything, it is that their opponents are crafty. And whatever they find may not be so simple to put down.

Portents - Alpha Colony Book 6

The titanic battle between the Ghrell and the unified fleet of humans, Torlas and Bhalas rages on. After a devastating explosion nearly destroys the Daedalus, David Warwick is faced with an uphill fight to repel boarders and restore power to his vessel. If they succeed, they may well get home but failure means the loss of not only their lives, but the fragile alliances they have recently formed.

The Ulysses continues their journey, fighting to restore all systems so they might return home. A duel between juggernauts intensifies the danger and when they are discovered, it seems like only a matter of time before they are captured or destroyed.

Criminals on the hub intensify their game, putting investigators at risk along with conspirators on the wrong side of their activities. A young security officer finds himself in the difficult situation of having to trust someone he barely knows, a potential criminal in her own right with a shady past.

All these things culminate in a dark portent discovered on Gaia, one that may spell doom for all sapient life in the universe.

Fuel of War - Alpha Colony Book 7

Humanity and their Torlas allies have fended off the Ghrell. They lick their wounds, contending with the aftermath of a conflict that nearly claimed two of the human dreadnoughts. They face lingering intruders, near catastrophic damage, and a need to perform search and rescue throughout the battlefield. The battle may be over, but that’s only the beginning as they struggle to survive.

Back on Gaia, humanity seems to have prospered. Civilians establish the colony, building habitats and agricultural centers. The Cavers have been dispatched. It seems prosperity may have finally come. But underneath the serenity, a shadowy conflict rages between dreadnought captains. Soldiers and civilians alike find themselves in the middle of a skirmish which may lead to the extinction of mankind.

Treachery - Alpha Colony Book 8

Plans escalate. The time to act has come as a full-on insurrection threatens the fledgling human colony. Those opposed rush to a point of safety, narrowly escaping a violent group with no qualms about killing civilians. With no resources and a long way to go, these soldiers must keep away or risk a battle they are not equipped to fight.

Madness reigns aboard the hub as a rogue dreadnought captain steps out to subjugate the colony. An ambitious young woman finds herself in the middle of two strong personalities. With her back against the wall, she has the choice of two kinds of death. But with tension escalating on all fronts, the dreadnoughts might start shooting, giving her a chance to escape.

Swarm - Alpha Colony Book 9

Death has come to visit the last intelligent cultures of the galaxy. With only a few short months to prepare for their opponents, humanity and their allies must race against time to prepare a defense. Their desperate efforts may be for nought as they struggle against the last of the Ghrell, intent on leaving the universe defenseless.

Meanwhile, a lone starship returns to a dying world in search of much needed data to defend themselves from the monsters breathing down their necks. As they commence with their mission, they find some things do not die so easily and the defenses of an ancient race may be enough to end their lives.

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