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Legacy War The Complete Series 9 Audiobooks

Legacy War The Complete Series 9 Audiobooks

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Journey through a universe uncharted, where hope collides with a surprise attack, forcing humanity to rise against alien foes and unravel cosmic mysteries. The fate of Earth hangs in the balance as perilous adventures unfold.

Gnosis: Legacy War Book 1

A Surprise attack.

Technology has allowed humanity to take to the stars. Earth’s first step toward exploring the unknown universe begins with a surge of hope followed by the sting of a surprise attack. Just as their most advanced ship embarks on its maiden voyage, aliens assault the unprepared fleet, making a play for an ancient technology the human race has relied upon for all major advances.

This sudden meeting proves humans are not the only sentient beings in the vastness of space and it quickly becomes clear they will need to thwart the plans of their new enemies. If they do not, our first foray into the unknown could well be our last.

Lost Systems: Legacy War Book 2

After uncovering a plot set in motion by an intergalactic terrorist organization, humanity races to discover the motivation behind their hunt for advanced technology. They deploy the spaceship Gnosis to investigate. Why are these criminals attempting to unite the most powerful technology in the universe? What is it they fear is going to happen? These questions and more lead the spaceship Gnosis on a hunt for

With their ally in tow, they visit a neutral space station to find a scientist who may be able to
assist their investigation. Little do they know this man is pursued by a ruthless corporation bent on salvaging technology which can be turned into weapons. Pitted against this new foe, the Gnosis finds itself against flesh eating mutants, wild weather patterns and advanced warships, all poised to take them down. Every step they draw closer to the answers they seek, the stakes
rise along with the dangers, until the prospects of returning home alive seem like a fleeting hope.

Alliance: Legacy War Book 3

A Chance for Peace

The crew of the Gnosis is set to make history again, this time for diplomacy. A message from the
Pahxin has arrived, inviting humanity to a neutral space station where they might negotiate a treaty for cooperation and peace. It seems like a perfect opportunity to gain an ally against the malevolent Tol’An and the insidious Kalrawv Group.

But a dark force musters against them, one bent on disrupting this moment of peace with chaos.
The joint forces of two worlds must come together to save not only themselves but also the delicate chance for lasting peace and cooperation. As the conflict
intensifies, the crew of the Gnosis is confronted with a very real possibility of defeat.

Marooned: Legacy War Book 4

A Ship in Crisis

While on a mission to deny their enemies a powerful artifact, the Gnosis is dragged to the surface of an alien world in a remote corner of the galaxy. As they evaluate their damage and attempt to discover what has happened, they discover they are not alone.

Other ships have been stranded in the same way and their crews are desperate to escape. They converge on the Gnosis, ready to claim her as their own. The only hope seems to lie in an ancient facility built by the former inhabitants of the planet. With overwhelming odds and little to go on, the human crew must struggle to survive against the
possibility they may be grounded for the rest of their lives.

Deep Dive: Legacy War Book 5

Theterrorist threat of the Tol’An intensifies, forcing humanity and their allies to attempt a desperate experiment in order to gain the upper hand. They know there are additional Orbs somewhere in the galaxy. Finding them is the trick but if they can establish a connection with their own devices, they just might be able to pinpoint their locations.

As they board the Gnosis to attempt their plan, they tighten security and plan for the worst. But not every contingency can be accounted for nor every enemy clearly seen. While the Gnosis is in hyperspace, they are stuck until they emerge, leaving plenty of time to find success and opposition in places where they
least expect it.

Reclamation: Legacy War Book 6

Humanity has unlocked another secret of the Orbs but it has put them on a collision course with their enemy, the terrorist group known as the Tol’An. As they race
to collect another of the powerful devices, they must face another of their enemies, the cold corporate mercenaries known as the Kalrawv Group. Hidden away
on an illegal mining facility, their purpose there can only mean one thing: they are trying to take the Orb for themselves.

But Earth has an ally in the Pahxin people and the battleship Stalwart is committed to
assisting with the operation. As the two ships depart Earth, they head out to raid a planet which is known for destructive weather patterns. The unstable system holds the powerful secret from a long dead civilization, one which must be collected before either of the nefarious groups get their hands on it.

Anomaly: Legacy War Book7

One final Orb remains at large in the wild and the Gnosis is dispatched to get it. Lost
somewhere in a space station on the edge of civilized space, early intelligence reports suggested it would be a milk run…until a team of Pahxin technicians went missing there. Altering their mission parameters to include rescue, they load up an extra team of marines and head off on the mission.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, AIA operative Christina Dawson closes in on the traitor selling
out humanity to the Tol’An. Her people have located an old military base currently occupied by the mercenary group responsible for attacking Gamma
Alpha. She gathers a former marine and newly appointed AIA agent to investigate in person.

Gamma Strike: Legacy War Book 8

An End in Sight

Four of the six Orbs have been brought together, combined in an effort to hunt down the
secret base of the dreaded Tol’An terrorists. Humanity and their allies have gathered together on Earth to discuss the final attack, combining forces to bring peace to the galaxy. It is a time of hope and anticipation.

But even as the allies stand ready, they find themselves faced with a desperate enemy, one willing to do whatever it takes to win the day. As they struggle against
forces outside and in, humanity must fight like never before for the stakes have never been higher. They face the utter destruction of the planet Earth…and all of humanity with it.

Golden Age: Legacy War Book 9

The Tol’An have been defeated. Humanity and the Pahxin look toward the future of peace in the galaxy. The crew of the Gnosis begin their own plans, some for
retirement and others for the promise of exploration they began before the terrorist attack thrust them into the universal theater.

But when the six Orbs are brought together, an ancient planet is discovered, one which
may be responsible for hundreds of disappearances over the past several decades. This may be where the creators of the wondrous devices have hidden all
this time. The trajectory of disappearances shows eventually, inhabited worlds may be in danger.

The Gnosis and Stalwart agree to visit in the name of diplomacy, heading out with the promise of a Pahxin fleet as backup. But as they prepare for departure,
there’s some speculation that they may be heading into a dangerous trap, one that their collective cleverness may not be enough to make it out alive.

Get the entire 9 Audiobook Series by Bestelling science fiction author John Walker

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★★★★★ "Some multi-volume stories peter out, or get repetitious in the middle, with bunches of highly descriptive space battles that spend more time describing each character's movements. Not these stories. The characters keep getting deeper and more interesting as you go, and the build to the climax is as galaxy shaking as you would ever want. A great set. I recommend it highly"

Join the cosmic odyssey as humanity's first venture into the stars takes a perilous turn. A surprise alien assault threatens Earth's maiden voyage, revealing that we're not alone in the vast cosmos. With intergalactic terrorists, ancient artifacts, and ruthless foes, the spaceship Gnosis becomes the beacon of hope and defiance. As they race to decipher hidden motives and thwart dark forces, survival becomes an elusive dream. From diplomacy to crisis, stranded on alien worlds to daring hyperspace missions, humanity's destiny teeters on the brink. Brace for epic battles between peril and possibility, where the stakes are Earth's survival and the fate of the galaxy itself.


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