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Liberation War The Complete Series 10 Audiobooks

Liberation War The Complete Series 10 Audiobooks

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Journey through a 10-book epic as a mysterious alien sphere triggers chaos, sparking battles, betrayals, and a desperate quest for survival. The galaxy's fate hangs in the balance.

Darkest Hour: Liberation War Book 1

A massive sphere appears near Earth, defying all attempts to communicate or understand its purpose. Power outages plague key cities and military bases, causing wide spread panic and chaos. Only the Space Agency seems to have a grasp on the situation but with all their combined resources, they’re baffled.

Captain Warren Miller races to join his colleagues in the Agency headquarters, hoping to convince his superiors to launch their latest space craft, the battlecruiser
Leviathan, which may be able to defy this intruder. In the absence of communication, he hopes a little intimidation might bring about a conversation.

But then smaller objects descend upon the Earth, grabbing up people from all over the globe. Captain Miller never makes it back to base, forcing the Agency to scramble for a response. With the weight of an expectant world beating down on them and the alien threat looming above, they have no choice but to engage the
enemy or simply witness history in the making.

Assault: Liberation War Book 2

A year has passed since an alien invasion left Earth with staggering losses but it has
been time well spent. Salvaging parts from their attacker, humanity has reverse engineered much of the advanced technology, leapfrogging years of research. Now, having adapted faster than light travel for their own ends, they are finally prepared to leave their own solar system.

And none too soon. A distress signal is discovered by a salvage crew, a message from a nearby star system under siege by raiders. This pushes the timetable, forcing humanity to make their journey sooner than anticipated. Their goal is build an
alliance with other benevolent races, to secure friendship against an inevitable future attack. Helping fend off criminals seems like a perfect first step toward that end.

But when they arrive, they find their opponents are hardened professionals, dangerous and willing to fight to the death. As the human crew finds themselves in a vicious battle, they must pull out all the stops, using all their military experience to stand against the threat. A loss would be catastrophic not only for the culture they’re trying to help but for the very future of humanity.

Revolution Rising: Liberation War Book 3

Captain Warren Miller and the crew of the Leviathan return home triumphant from their first mission amongst the stars. They bring with them hope from the religious cathedral world and look toward the future.

As the threat of war looms over Earth, they can’t be sure when the enemy will return or how long they have. In their goal to find additional allies, they plot a
course for Lantha station, social hub of the Border Dukes, a semi-independent group that currently operates outside the mandates of the royal empire. Here, they hope to find potential friends against the royal military.

While they are still under the radar, they must act fast to bolster their defenses. The force behind the throne works to consolidate power while hunting for threats outside their borders. As a famed military commander begins to defy the throne, he becomes the object of search for numerous parties. His death or
salvation may turn the tide of an upcoming war.

Dark Paths: Liberation War Book 4

Earth has bolstered some support but their burgeoning resistance is far from prepared to take on the true enemy. Still under the radar, they make a bid to bring another
race to their side. The Gellan people have suffered under constant collection, leveling their population but they are also known to be neutral to the affairs
of the galaxy.

Meanwhile, not all is well in other parts of the galaxy. The terrorist group Icarus Rising builds support even as the Agency attempts to track down their
elusive leader, Phoenix. The royal assassin Prin continues her search, unknowingly following the footsteps of Avania and the Leviathan. And King Malnik prepares to select his new bride, solidifying his rule.

Tensions rise throughout the galaxy and one starship from Earth may very well be the tipping point that ignites an interstellar war.

Arcane World: Liberation War Book 5

The Leviathan has returned successful from their mission to gather more allies but with that, they uncovered disturbing intelligence. A secret world, hidden away by the royal empire, seems to be used specifically for some type of collection—perhaps the rarest of all, the ability to rejuvenate vitality and life.

Captain Warren Miller sets them on a mission to uncover the truth behind these rumors but it comes with considerable danger. They must go deep behind enemy lines, facing threats they cannot anticipate. Avania insists on going with, adding to the risk but both of them have their reasons for wanting answers.

Meanwhile, royal assassin Prin Garinta continues her hunt for Avania, uncovering a shadowy
organization that may well control the royal government. Unbeknownst to her, the king and his bride to be set out to establish their own agent so they might exercise their will beyond the throne. As they fend off the watchful eye of the intelligence advisor, they must risk much to wrest control of the government
back into noble hands.

Turning Tides: Liberation War Book 6

Earth’s resistance is taking shape, finding a solid footing in their preparation to defy their enemies. They have multiple obstacles yet to overcome, not the least of which being an enemy patrol scouring systems for their secret base. As they
prepare an offensive to prevent their discovery, they will come face to face with their first real military opponents.

Tensions rise for King Malnik when he meets with the Border Dukes, intent on winning them to his side. He continues to work with his fiance, intent on regaining control of his position from his intelligence advisor, using his own agent to investigate the mysterious disappearances of multiple ships.

Meanwhile, authorities on Earth continue their investigation into the dangerous terrorists intent on destroying the Space Agency’s ability to function. Their desire is to rob humanity of their ability to travel in space, to engage in interstellar politics and they will stop at nothing, not even murder, to achieve this goal.

Downfall: Liberation War Book 7

Desperation mounts as the resistance stands betrayed. Their two leaders, Queen Avania in
exile and General Atalis are taken hostage by a former ally. Captain Warren Miller rushes to their rescue, beginning an investigation as to where they
might’ve been taken. If they fail, they may well doom their burgeoning rebellion. The clock is ticking as every second puts the prisoners further out of reach.

But another side is on the case. Prin Garinta and her small band need a way to join the rebels. The only way they believe they can be trusted is if they return the people to their rightful place. Using their own resources, they head out, risking everything in a gamble that could well cost them their liberty if not their very lives.

All the while, trouble brews on the imperial home world as the investigation continues into the attempted assassination of King Malnik and his fiance. With no one to trust and his only ally recovering from her injuries, Mal finds himself in the unenviable position of relying solely on himself to move forward. But can he uncover the threat to the throne while keeping track of everything else threatening his position?

Descent: Liberation War Book 8

Nations poise on the verge of war but a few loose ends remain before they can take to the battlefield. Captain Warren Miller and the Leviathan crew join forces with the assassin Prin Garinta to enact a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. With
two battleships providing cover, they must find the shadowy organization behind most of the mischief throughout the universe.

Meanwhile, the imperial government reels from the assassination attempt on King Malnik Keth. He has stepped up, shedding the ties of those who tried to control him in an effort to gain total control over his kingdom. As a seemingly innocent man rots in their prison, he must decide if he wants to risk the truth coming out after punishing him or hunt down the true culprits.

Back on Earth, Icarus Rising increases their attacks, inching ever closer toward their ultimate objective. Their eyes are on the Agency headquarters and everything within. A tense waiting game may culminate to an ultimate battle between the
terrorists and the military…or it could all be ended in a swift raid on a lonely cottage in the hills.

Shots Fired: Liberation War Book 9

Violence comes to a head.
Humanity poises on the verge of open warfare, standing alongside their new allies. Their plan is to attack the main capital, the home of the empire itself but before they can make it happen, the Gellan people fall under attack. The assault appears to be an attempt to commit genocide, forcing the allies hand to rush to their defense.

Meanwhile, Earth faces down
the threat of Icarus Rising. The terrorist organization makes their play, bringing everything to bear to destroy the Agency once and for all. Each party moves into position, ready for what may well be the endgame. For the crew of
the Leviathan they find themselves facing down their first real interstellar conflict. As the armies massed, the result may well determine the fate of the
entire galaxy.

Battle Royal: Liberation War Book 10

It all comes down to this.

The Leviathan prepares to join the final battle against the royal empire, joining forces with their allies for a dramatic fight that will shape the entire galaxy. They face a desperate enemy, one willing to do anything to hold them at
bay, including throwing away lives and resources in the effort. As the vast armada launches the assault, they know full well that defeat would spell disaster for dozens of worlds, especially Earth.

Back home, the investigators track down the traitor who nearly destroyed the Agency along with the elusive leader of Icarus Rising. Their efforts take them to an old house but their adversaries are onto them as well, leading to a violent confrontation that could spell death for everyone involved.

As the war picks up, two crack teams are sent to rescue the high priestess from an assault on the cathedral. They arrive to find the planet war torn, the security forces scattered but an old ally steps up to help. Will their daring attack lead to a victory or has the royal military already won?

The grand finale is here.

Get the entire 10 Audiobook Series by Bestelling science fiction author John Walker

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★★★★★ "I’ve consumed several dozen space operas, but this is the best. The characters are engaging and believable. There’s quite a bit of action combined with a very good storyline. There were times when I kept listening late into the night because I just needed to know how a particular battle concluded. The 10 book series is well worth your time and money."

Embark on a staggering 10-book journey through the cosmos where a mysterious alien sphere plunges Earth into chaos. Follow Captain Warren Miller and the enigmatic Leviathan as they navigate perilous encounters with alien invaders, clandestine power struggles, and an interstellar war that threatens the fate of humanity. As they unravel the secrets of a hidden world with the power to rejuvenate life, alliances are forged, betrayals unfold, and the battle for survival takes them to the very edge of the galaxy. With Earth's destiny hanging in the balance, and adversaries closing in from all corners of the universe, the epic saga culminates in a breathtaking showdown where the Leviathan's crew, assassins, rebels, and terrorists converge in a final battle that will decide the fate of entire worlds. Brace yourself for this sprawling space opera!


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