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Turning Tides: Liberation War Book 6 Audiobook

Turning Tides: Liberation War Book 6 Audiobook

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As Earth's resistance grows stronger, their secret base faces a looming threat, forcing them into a faceoff with formidable foes. King Malnik navigates treacherous alliances, while on Earth, authorities race against time to unravel the terrorist plot that threatens humanity's intergalactic future, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown.

Earth’s resistance is taking shape, finding a solid footing in their preparation to defy their enemies. They have multiple obstacles yet to overcome, not the least of which being an enemy patrol scouring systems for their secret base. As they prepare an offensive to prevent their discovery, they will come face to face with their first real military opponents.

Tensions rise for King Malnik when he meets with the Border Dukes, intent on winning them to his side. He continues to work with his fiance, intent on regaining control of his position from his intelligence advisor, using his own agent to investigate the mysterious disappearances of multiple ships.

Meanwhile, authorities on Earth continue their investigation into the dangerous terrorists intent on destroying the Space Agency’s ability to function. Their desire is to rob humanity of their ability to travel in space, to engage in intergalactic politics and they will stop at nothing, not even murder, to achieve this goal.

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