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Shots Fired: Liberation War Book 9 Audiobook

Shots Fired: Liberation War Book 9 Audiobook

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As tensions reach a boiling point, humanity and their newfound allies prepare for an all-out war, aiming to strike at the heart of the empire. But a sudden attack on the Gellan people forces an urgent change of plans. Simultaneously, Icarus Rising launches a relentless assault on Earth's Agency. With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, the crew of the Leviathan faces their first interstellar conflict, and the outcome could reshape the destiny of the entire universe.

Violence comes to a head. Humanity poises on the verge of open warfare, standing alongside their new allies. Their plan is to attack the main capital, the home of the empire itself but before they can make it happen, the Gellan people fall under attack. The assault appears to be an attempt to commit genocide, forcing the allies hand to rush to their defense.

Meanwhile, Earth faces down the threat of Icarus Rising. The terrorist organization makes their play, bringing everything to bear to destroy the Agency once and for all. Each party moves into position, ready for what may well be the endgame. For the crew of the Leviathan they find themselves facing down their first real interstellar conflict. As the armies massed, the result may well determine the fate of the entire galaxy.

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