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Lost Systems: Legacy War Book 2 Audiobook

Lost Systems: Legacy War Book 2 Audiobook

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As the Gnosis embarks on a perilous mission to uncover the secrets of an intergalactic terrorist plot, they grapple with questions of advanced technology and a relentless pursuit. Battling flesh-eating mutants, deadly weather, and powerful warships, the stakes rise with each step, making survival an uncertain hope.

After uncovering a plot set in motion by an intergalactic terrorist organization, humanity races to discover the motivation behind their hunt for advanced technology. They deploy the spaceship Gnosis to investigate. Why are these criminals attempting to unite the most powerful technology in the universe? What is it they fear is going to happen? These questions and more lead the spaceship Gnosis on a hunt for answers.


With their ally in tow, they visit a neutral space station to find a scientist who may be able to assist their investigation. Little do they know this man is pursued by a ruthless corporation bent on salvaging technology which can be turned into weapons. Pitted against this new foe, the Gnosis finds itself against flesh eating mutants, wild weather patterns and advanced warships, all poised to take them down. Every step they draw closer to the answers they seek, the stakes rise along with the dangers, until the prospects of returning home alive seem like a fleeting hope.
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