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Golden Age: Legacy War Book 9 Audiobook

Golden Age: Legacy War Book 9 Audiobook

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As the Tol’An threat fades, hopes for galactic peace rise. The Gnosis crew contemplates their futures, but when the six Orbs align, they stumble upon an ancient planet tied to mysterious disappearances. Diplomacy beckons, but with ominous speculations, the promise of Pahxin fleet backup, and the shadow of a dangerous trap, their journey teems with uncertainty.

The Tol’An have been defeated. Humanity and the Pahxin look toward the future of peace in the galaxy. The crew of the Gnosis begin their own plans, some for retirement and others for the promise of exploration they began before the terrorist attack thrust them into the universal theater.

But when the six Orbs are brought together, an ancient planet is discovered, one which may be responsible for hundreds of disappearances over the past several decades. This may be where the creators of the wondrous devices have hidden all this time. The trajectory of disappearances shows eventually, inhabited worlds may be in danger.

The Gnosis and Stalwart agree to visit in the name of diplomacy, heading out with the promise of a Pahxin fleet as backup. But as they prepare for departure, there’s some speculation that they may be heading into a dangerous trap, one that their collective cleverness may not be enough to make it out alive.

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