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Gamma Strike: Legacy War Book 8 Audiobook

Gamma Strike: Legacy War Book 8 Audiobook

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With four Orbs united, humanity and their allies prepare for a final showdown with the ruthless Tol’An terrorists. As hope fills the air, they confront a desperate foe, ready to do anything to seize victory. The stakes have never been higher; Earth's fate hangs in the balance.

An End in Sight

Four of the six Orbs have been brought together, combined in an effort to hunt down the secret base of the dreaded Tol’An terrorists. Humanity and their allies have gathered together on Earth to discuss the final attack, combining forces to bring peace to the galaxy. It is a time of hope and anticipation.

But even as the allies stand ready, they find themselves faced with a desperate enemy, one willing to do whatever it takes to win the day. As they struggle against forces outside and in, humanity must fight like never before for the stakes have never been higher. They face the utter destruction of the planet Earth…and all of humanity with it.


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