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Descent: Liberation War Book 8 Audiobook

Descent: Liberation War Book 8 Audiobook

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As nations teeter on the brink of war, Captain Warren Miller, Prin Garinta, and the Leviathan crew embark on a perilous mission behind enemy lines, seeking the elusive shadowy organization orchestrating chaos across the universe. Meanwhile, King Malnik grapples with the aftermath of an assassination attempt, and on Earth, Icarus Rising's terrorist threat inches closer to a devastating showdown, setting the stage for an epic clash of forces and ideals.

Nations poise on the verge of war but a few loose ends remain before they can take to the battlefield. Captain Warren Miller and the Leviathan crew join forces with the assassin Prin Garinta to enact a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. With two battleships providing cover, they must find the shadowy organization behind most of the mischief throughout the universe.

Meanwhile, the imperial government reels from the assassination attempt on King Malnik Keth. He has stepped up, shedding the ties of those who tried to control him in an effort to gain total control over his kingdom. As a seemingly innocent man rots in their prison, he must decide if he wants to risk the truth coming out after punishing him or hunt down the true culprits.

Back on Earth, Icarus Rising increases their attacks, inching ever closer toward their ultimate objective. Their eyes are on the Agency headquarters and everything within. A tense waiting game may culminate to an ultimate battle between the terrorists and the military…or it could all be ended in a swift raid on a lonely cottage in the hills.

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