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Dark Paths: Liberation War Book 4 Audiobook

Dark Paths: Liberation War Book 4 Audiobook

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As Earth's resistance struggles to gather strength and allies, tensions in the galaxy escalate. A desperate bid to win over the neutral Gellan people sets the stage for a potential intergalactic war, with shadowy forces, terrorists, assassins, and royal intrigue converging on a single starship's journey.

Earth has bolstered some support but their burgeoning resistance is far from prepared to take on the true enemy. Still under the radar, they make a bid to bring another race to their side. The Gellan people have suffered under constant collection, leveling their population but they are also known to be neutral to the affairs of the galaxy.

Meanwhile, not all is well in other parts of the galaxy. The terrorist group Icarus Rising builds support even as the Agency attempts to track down their elusive leader, Phoenix. The royal assassin Prin continues her search, unknowingly following the footsteps of Avania and the Leviathan. And King Malnik prepares to select his new bride, solidifying his rule.

Tensions rise throughout the galaxy and one starship from Earth may very well be the tipping point that ignites an intergalactic war.

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