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Battle Royal: Liberation War Book 10 Audiobook

Battle Royal: Liberation War Book 10 Audiobook

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In the epic climax, the Leviathan readies for the ultimate showdown with the ruthless royal empire. Desperation fuels the enemy's relentless defense, while investigators face a violent reckoning on Earth. Crack teams strive to rescue a high priestess, hoping to tip the scales in a war-torn cathedral world. The galaxy's fate hinges on this grand finale.

It all comes down to this.

The Leviathan prepares to join the final battle against the royal empire, joining forces with their allies for a dramatic fight that will shape the entire galaxy. They face a desperate enemy, one willing to do anything to hold them at bay, including throwing away lives and resources in the effort. As the vast armada launches the assault, they know full well that defeat would spell disaster for dozens of worlds, especially Earth.

Back home, the investigators track down the traitor who nearly destroyed the Agency along with the elusive leader of Icarus Rising. Their efforts take them to an old house but their adversaries are onto them as well, leading to a violent confrontation that could spell death for everyone involved.

As the war picks up, two crack teams are sent to rescue the high priestess from an assault on the cathedral. They arrive to find the planet war torn, the security forces scattered but an old ally steps up to help. Will their daring attack lead to a victory or has the royal military already won?

The grand finale is here.

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