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Arcane World: Liberation War Book 5 Audiobook

Arcane World: Liberation War Book 5 Audiobook

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As the Leviathan returns triumphant with newfound allies, Captain Warren Miller leads a perilous mission behind enemy lines to uncover a royal empire's dark secret—a world that holds the power of rejuvenating life. With Avania by his side, they risk all for answers. Meanwhile, Prin Garinta closes in on Avania while the king and his bride-to-be embark on a covert mission to regain control of their government. In a web of intrigue, hidden agendas, and danger, the fate of worlds hangs in the balance.

The Leviathan has returned successful from their mission to gather more allies but with that, they uncovered disturbing intelligence. A secret world, hidden away by the royal empire, seems to be used specifically for some type of collection—perhaps the rarest of all, the ability to rejuvenate vitality and life.

Captain Warren Miller sets them on a mission to uncover the truth behind these rumors but it comes with considerable danger. They must go deep behind enemy lines, facing threats they cannot anticipate. Avania insists on going with, adding to the risk but both of them have their reasons for wanting answers.

Meanwhile, royal assassin Prin Garinta continues her hunt for Avania, uncovering a shadowy organization that may well control the royal government. Unbeknownst to her, the king and his bride to be set out to establish their own agent so they might exercise their will beyond the throne. As they fend off the watchful eye of the intelligence advisor, they must risk much to wrest control of the government back into noble hands.

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