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Anomaly: Legacy War Book 7 Audiobook

Anomaly: Legacy War Book 7 Audiobook

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As the Gnosis hunts for the elusive Orb on a remote space station, their mission takes a perilous turn when a team of Pahxin technicians vanishes. With rescue added to their agenda, they gear up with extra marines. Meanwhile, AIA operative Christina Dawson's pursuit of a traitor leads her to an old military base, accompanied by a former marine and a fresh AIA agent.

One final Orb remains at large in the wild and the Gnosis is dispatched to get it. Lost somewhere in a space station on the edge of civilized space, early intelligence reports suggested it would be a milk run…until a team of Pahxin technicians went missing there. Altering their mission parameters to include rescue, they load up an extra team of marines and head off on the mission.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, AIA operative Christina Dawson closes in on the traitor selling out humanity to the Tol’An. Her people have located an old military base currently occupied by the mercenary group responsible for attacking Gamma Alpha. She gathers a former marine and newly appointed AIA agent to investigate in person.

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